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04:08:14 Melbourne to Los Angeles

My name is Eleanor Orchard.

I am a visual artist from Melbourne, Australia.

For the past three years I have built my creative practice around the study of popular culture.
This April I am heading to LA. I want to gather data and research my new art project. A project about creative trade and individuals working in the entertainment industry. 
If you know someone  who works in LA as an actor, dancer, musician, designer, director, writer, etc and would be willing to participate, please let me know. I’ve included a link to the project summary on my website. 
I can offer gratitude, coffee and a copy of the limited edition publication upon its completion.

Date: Between April 17th and April 29th, 2014

Time:  ½ hour (estimate)

Location: Los Angeles

Contact: eleanororchard@live.com.au

Also, if you’re a pop culture fan and would like to catch up in LA, please let me know. I would love to gather some research on fan culture. 

Thank you! 
Please help me spread the word. This project means a lot to me. 

From Melbourne to Los Angeles


Are you a Los Angeles based actor, artist, writer, director, dancer, cinematographer, stylist, designer, etc? 

Would you be willing to participate in an art project?  I’m looking for creative individuals who are willing to spare some of their time in the name of art. 

Please email me if your interested: eleanororchard@live.com.au

I’ll be in LA from April 17th until April 29th and I will buy you a coffee



Dear Tumblr Art Fans,

For the past three years I have been studying in order to obtain my Bachelor of Design Arts and at the end of last year I achieved that. Now my goal is to get over to America and meet some of the amazing people who I’ve gotten to know through my obsession with popular culture and maybe collaborate on some work. In order to fund this trip I am trying to sell artwork and commission designs.

I leave for LA in April, so for the next two months I will be non-stop drawing. I’ll be back in Australia for May and then I’m off to Pennsylvania to teach drawing at a Summer Camp for 2 months. I’ve never been 
For the past year I have been trying to get my act together in order to take this trip. I’m selling my Alfa Romeo, giving up my house with rad housemates, I lost 48kg, I was in and out of hospital for a month after my liver decided to stop working after surgery, and a bunch of other things. It’s already been an eventful year. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I really want to take this trip and i want to earn it for myself. 
So…if you, your friend, or your mother, or someone you know would like to buy a commission drawing please get in contact. 
All images are drawn with fine-liner on high quality paper.

Original Image (animal, plant, object, etc) 
Small: $40AUD
Medium: $70AUD
Large: $90AUD

Portraiture (family, friend, celebrity, etc)
Small: $200
Medium: $500

Feel free to make special requests!

My portfolio is available on my website at www.eleanororchard.com
Or you can go through my Etsy Store.
Or check out my Facebook page

If you could reblog this I will adore you forever. 

Send me an email if you have any questions! 

The Suspicious Tea Party

The Suspicious Tea Party

Recent commission works





Bad Poetry for Reasonably Good People


Would you like to read some badly written, technically terrible, completely useless poetry?
I doubt you do, but here it is! 

ETSY STORE -Eleanor Orchard


If you purchase a drawing from my Etsy store i’ll give you a free copy of my Bad Poetry for Reasonably Good People zine. I don’t even mind that the zine was original free anyway. I’ll still shove it in the envelop alongside your drawing. I promise. I also promise that the poetry is unbelievably terrible. 
You’re welcome.

Eleanor Orchard Etsy Store


I’m trying to raise money for my trip to America this year, so I’m selling my drawings. 
If you check out my website and see something you like, let me know and i’ll try and make it available through Etsy. 
Please spread the word. 
Thank you, darling.